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Naturis Organic Salt Free Wholemeal Bread (Cold Goods Do Not Ship)


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Naturis Organic Bread ~ created for bread lovers with a gourmet palate, or who simply enjoy a wholesome, nutritious loaf, to those who are cholesterol conscious, vegetarian, vegan or on candida, wheat free, yeast free or gluten free diets.

All our breads are made from organic flour, certified by either Biofarm, Demeter or N.A.S.A.A (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia). Our Water is purified and we seek to use only the finest natural ingredients, free of any genetic modification. There are no preservatives, sugar, dairy products, animal fats, commercial bread improvers, colouring or additives of any kind.

Naturis Bread is packed in biodegradable cellophane bags for environmental convenience, and keeps well in a cool, dry place for several days. To ensure the full life span, we recommend refrigeration, especially during high or fluctuating humidity levels, otherwise it freezes well.


  • Salt Free
  • Yeast Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Dairy Free


Organic stoneground wheatmeal, Organic rye leaven, organic olive oil and purified water.




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