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Natracare Pads




Maxi Night

Thick long sanitary pads without wings, made with organic and natural materials. Natural and absorbent sanitary pads for heavy flow and for overnight.

Ultra Extra Regular 

Natural pads with an extra cushion layer and wings. Absorbency for light or medium menstrual flow.

Ultra Long 

Natural slim fitting natural pads with wings. Absorbency for heavy menstrual flow or overnight.

Ultra Regular 

Natural slim fitting natural pad with wings, regular absorbency for light flows or at the end of a period

Ultra Super Pads

Natural slim fitting natural pads with wings. Super absorbency for medium or heavier menstrual flows.

Ultra Super Plus

Natural slim fitting natural pads without wings. Super plus absorbency for heavy menstrual flow.

All Pads Listed above are;

* Certified organic cotton cover

* Plastic free

* GMO free ingredients

* No perfumes or dyes

* Totally Chlorine Free

* Biodegradable & Compostable

* Suitable for sensitive skin



Additional information


Maxi Night Time 10, Ultra Extra Normal (Wings) 12, Ultra Long (Wings) 10, Ultra Regular (Wings) 14, Ultra Super (Wings) 12, Ultra Super Plus 12


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