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Compostic Resealable bag




Compostic resealable bags will keep your food fresh, and are completely guilt free! Made from biopolymers PBAT and PLA, Compostic is certified non-toxic and are certified to break down in your compost or worm farm at home in just 12 – 24 weeks, that’s faster than an orange peel! Once broken down, Compostic leaves behind a soil enhancer that helps improve soil quality

Use, wash, re—use over and over and then simply cut the zip if you have a shorter compost cycle (our zip is thick and takes a wee bit longer than the bag to break down, but is still made with 100% home compostable materials), and pop in your compost to break down alongside your other organic waste. 

Rip the bag into smaller pieces for a faster break down. 

Freezer and microwave safe.

Vegan and cruelty free

It’s never been easier to keep a sustainable home. 




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