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Best Of Bone Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides Probiotic 210g


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A healthy form of collagen – Multi-Collagen hydrolyzed collagen peptide powder from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows.


  • Provides seven collagen types into the highest quality grass-fed collagen powder that benefits skin, hair, gut, joint and bone health. 
  • Flavourless – You won’t notice its been added to your smoothies, yoghurt, soups, broth, juices, coffees or teas. 
  • An easy way to add protein to hot or cold drinks or dishes – A 10 gram serve (a heaped teaspoon) adds 10 grams of collagen protein to your diet. 
  • Addresses inflammatory issues such as joint pain and gut health-related issues. 
  • Collagen is vital for skin elasticity – You will notice radiant skin


5 grams per day of hydrolyzed collagen will help support overall health. However, 10-20 grams – or one-two servings per day of Best of the Bone collagen powder – will  more quickly as well.


1 billion CFU per 10g serve

Combining bio-available 99% collagen protein peptide powders  with a stable spore-forming probiotic that is THE only probiotic that survives harsh conditions including pasteurization, heat cooking, hot coffee as well as the journey through the digestive system. Backed by over 25 published papers, research shows GanedenBC30 probiotic used in our Multi-Collagen helps support digestive health, immune health, and supports protein utilisation.


Grass-fed multi-collagen hydrolysed peptides; Ganaden Probiotic spores (1 billion CFU per serve). 

No fillers. No hormones, gluten, dairy, antibiotics, colours or other artificial additives.  



Best of Bone


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